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Individual Retirement Account (IRAs)

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Are you unable to get a retirement plan at work? Then let Prime Alliance Bank help you invest in an Individual Retirement Account. An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is an investment account that allows the consumer to benefit from tax-deferred growth on their retirement funds each year. For eligible individuals, you may also be able to deduct your IRA contribution from your taxes.

Prime Alliance Bank offers IRAs in the form of Certificates of Deposit.

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Term (in Months)Minimum BalanceRate*APY*
6 $500 5.18% 5.30%
12 $500 5.18% 5.30%
18 $500 4.65% 4.75%
24 $500 4.41% 4.50%
36 $500 4.17% 4.25%
48 $500 3.93% 4.00%
60 $500 3.93% 4.00%
*For Certificate of Deposit accounts, the interest rate (Rate) and annual percentage yield (APY) disclosed at account opening is fixed and will not change until the CD renews. Any withdrawal of interest prior to maturity will reduce earnings. Interest is paid monthly. Penalties assessed for early withdrawal.